Making Garden Furniture with Wooden PalletsJanuary 29, 2015December 10, 2015Rob

Wooden pallets can be used as home decor material. Basically these are wooden crates and boxes which can be reshaped used as furniture in your garden. The old wooden pallets are designed in such a way that makes it sturdy and can be used as garden furniture. One can easily prepare a small table out of wooden crates and boxes without much hassle.

It is really easy to make any garden furniture just by dismantling the wooden pallets and removing the chocks which were there on the underside of the pallet. To make any furniture you need to remove these chocks so that you can now experiment in your own way.

Coffee table:

Making coffee table from wooden pallets is one of the great ideas that can be used a garden furniture. Wooden crates or the pallets are a great option to prepare the coffee table. For this you need to collect 2 pallets, caster, foam, fabric for the top covering of the table, sandpaper for cleaning the surface, wood stain varnish, power saw and claw hammer. Once you get all the required stuff you need to cut down the wooden brace for both of the pallets. The cross wood braces is very useful to nail the pieces of pallets together. After that you need to polish the surfaces with the help of sandpaper and try to apply the paint of your choice. After applying 2 coats you can simply use casters at the bottom if you wish. After that you need to combine the pallets with the help of the cross brace wood and your coffee table is ready for use.

Garden sofa:

A small garden sofa with the help of wooden crates or pallets is another great option as your garden furniture. Attaching two pallets and providing legs to it by the help of nails can easily be done. Paints, sandpaper, nails, long pallets or crates, power saw are some of the important stuff that you need for preparing the sofa or sitting stool. You need to dismantle the wooden chocks and then attach the pallets with the help of the nails. Next attach legs to the pallets and paint the furniture after polishing the surface. This is a great option as a wooden stool where you can sit and enjoy the landscape of the garden. Again attaching sofas cushions to it can be really comforting and a great furniture for your garden.

A lot of other kinds of furniture can be prepared from the pallets or wooden crates like book cases or even small table for keeping important items. You can customize the furniture by experimenting with paints or even placing a glass slab on the table. A glass coffee table or a green colored table from crates is really a great option as garden furniture.