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After nearly 2 years away from the scene, we’re getting the band back together and on the road.

The only convention of its kind to occur in the South-Mid-East of Norwich, the second in the series of groundbreaking conventions is sure to blow your socks off and explode your mind – with the use of environmentally sourced fuel.

The whole team is back together to ensure that the sequel to 2015’s most talked about industrial convention is bigger, badder and sassier than ever. 

With no further ado lets re-introduce you to the talented group of individuals who are getting ready to truly educate you on the ins and outs of Biofuel Usage In A Safe And Controlled Manner In Conjunction With The Use Of More Traditional Fuels Set Within An Industrial Setting For The Exclusive Benefit Of For-Profit Companies In The Southern-Mid-Eastern District Of Rural Norwich!

Jacobius Nevermare

jacobius nevermareJacobius has decades of experience in the fields of Swimming Pool Maintenance and Chlorine Regulation. He knew nothing about Biofuels back in 2015 and he’s learnt nothing about Biofuels since then, but he’s scheduled to be our headline keynote speaker nonetheless!

With a passion for Science-Fiction and Fantasy, its been argued that his trademark tangents can lead to a complete abandonment of any serious discussion of any industry-related topic – however we here a Biofuels Expo love a speaker that can cause some controversy!

Love him or hate him, Jacobius will be taking the Green Hall over on Saturday night with a curated look at the History of Vulcan-centric Star Trek Stories followed, of course, by his now classic 3-hour Psy-Trance set which is sure to keep you engaged for the whole night!

Geraldina Concertinageraldina concertina

If you’re having trouble digesting the name written above: let us help you out.

She’s loud, she’s proud, she’s a Mother of four from Edgbaston who has a decade of experience working in her local Supermarket. They thought it couldn’t be done, but they were so wrong. Coming out of retirement for one last job is the foremost expert in shelf-stacking and inventory management – Mrs. Concertina her self.

At 2015’s expo she caused an uproar with her earth-shattering appeal to Heinz regarding the stack-ability of their Baked Beans cans. Two years on and Heinz have yet to even acknowledge her plight. There’s no way we can predict what she’ll say or do, but one thing is for sure: you don’t want to miss out on this cockney firecracker when she kicks off.

Yolanda Taxofile

yolanda taxofileOur final returning player from 2015’s first expo, Yolanda has a slightly different tack when compared to our other speakers. A woman of few words, she communicates solely through the use of Windows 95 Clip Art and Word Art compiled using the 98 Home Edition of Powerpoint.

Often criticised for being ambiguous, or outright oblique, Yolanda’s calm presence was a welcome counterpoint to out more outrageous speakers at the last convention. We can’t wait to see what she’s been working on for the last couple of years.

Although she is still planning on sticking to her roots regarding her medium of communication, there has been rumours on the conference scene that she is now experimenting with slide transition animations and even some sound bites. Where Miss. Taxofile goes, the world tends to follow – don’t forget to book your seat.

We’re absolutely ecstatic to announce the line up for 2017’s big event and we know you can’t wait to see what else we’ve got planned. 

Keep an eye out on this blog over the next year and we’ll detail how you can get your grubby fingers on tickets.